Our Story

How it all started...

Lake City Christian Reformed Church began its first service in June 1954 with two families. Its present site was donated by the late Representative Engel, and the original building was purchased from Prosper Christian Reformed Church in 1957 and then moved to the current site.

Because of growth, the main part of the church was built onto the existing building and completed in 1968. In 1978, a second addition was added again because of growth. Our current structure, which includes more additions throughout the years, was dedicated on February 25, 1996.

We praise God for the years of growth and existence in our community. We pray for His continued blessings in the future.
Church Building on a hill

Our Mission...

Together, transforming lives for eternity.

As a family of the forgiven, we will bring the hope of Christ to the community by meeting needs, seeking those far from God, restoring the broken, partnering with others, and discipling followers of Jesus to become life-giving servants in our world.

Our Vision...

…a transformed Lake City CRC who:
  • Is plugged into God’s power through prayer, with leaders and the congregation seeking God and following His direction in all matters.
  • Will be the church on the hill, the light of Christ, to the community through its biblical teaching and loving relationships
  • Will experience worship that engages their heart, brings glory to God and is relevant to their lives
  • Are showing boys and girls of all ages how to be even more passionate followers of Jesus than we are
…a transformed community where:
  • No child or family will go hungry
  • People, whose lives are filled with pain and brokenness, will find restoration through Christ-centered ministries of hope and healing
  • Every elementary, middle and high-school student who wants a mentor will have one
  • Non-profits will partner together to build and strengthen families, churches, schools and the community
…a transformed Missaukee County and beyond where:
  • Out-of-the-area vacationers will come for a weekend and leave with eternity
  • Lake City and Missaukee County will be known as a community that has experienced spiritual revival and whose love for Christ has led to increasing numbers of people and families who are thriving
  • Lake City CRC will partner with global churches to transform communities abroad
Baptism on the Lake
Pastor talking to crowd of people

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:00am