November 26, 2017 - "He Blesses Me"
November 27, 2017

November 26, 2017 – “He Blesses Me”

It’s bigger and better than the American dream, an it lasts longer too. Yet we miss it if we’re not careful. It is God’s promise to bless us here and now, and again later in...

November 19, 2017 - "He Protects Me"
November 20, 2017

November 19, 2017 – “He Protects Me”

We can easily forget the enemy is real, on the offensive, and a greater threat to you and your family that a terrorist attack. Until we fall to temptation, discouragement, or wake up one day...

October 22, 2017 "He Leads Me"
October 25, 2017

October 22, 2017 “He Leads Me”

Life is full of decisions, and each decision effects how our future develops. How do you make good decisions? What is the wise thing to do in the situation you are facing today? God doesn’t...

October 15, 2017   "He Restores Me"
October 17, 2017

October 15, 2017 “He Restores Me”

The world says, once Humpty-Dumpty falls, there’s nothing and no one who can put him together again. Broken is useless. The Bible says that God can and does restore broken cities, broken walls, and broken...