September 2, 2018 The Road Ahead

September 2, 2018  The Road Ahead

The wide and easy way in life is to follow the crowd. In fact, there are lots of formulas out there on how to be successful personally and professionally, and there are crowds of people scooping them up.  Unfortunately, the wide and easy way is one that leads to ruin. The way to real and lasting life, the Good Life on earth and in heaven, is vigorous,and it requires total attention  It takes faith, obedience and love  It requires living counter-culturally and counter-intuitively,and it involves knowing Jesus so well you can follow him. The school season marks a new beginning; a time to decide the road ahead and the path you’re going to follow.  It’s much like a fork in the road at which point you can determine which direction you’ll go.  What changes do you need to make to ensure you are listening to God’s directions and his way of life?  How will you stay on that  road this year?  Who will you bring along with you?