Faith Unleashed 2017

Faith Unleashed 2017

   Faith Unleashed 2017: A goal to raise $55,000 that will further the work of Christ through five missions that reach across the globe. Learn about each project below and find out how you can be a part of this mighty work of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Stand Strength is a team of men dedicated to sharing the Gospel through personal testimony and sheer physical strength. Stand Strength performs in schools and churches across the nation. Our support in 2016 helped to launch a Northern Michigan Team. This year, our goal is $5,000.


Veronica Ramos provides two meals per day, teaches Christian life skills, and holds a weekly worship service for over 200 students, an d increase of more than 50 youth since receiving our 2016 support. Our 2017 goal is $15,000, which will further strengthen her ministry of food, teaching, and worship services for youth.



Michael & Missie Anscomb are serving as worship and intercession trainers for YWAM in Woodsville, NH. Their vision is to raise up and send out a generation who knows the heart of God, and what it means to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Both Michael and Missie are full-time missionaries whose training efforts will send missionaries all over the world. They are in need of our 2017 goal of $5,000 for living expenses.


  World Orphans mission empowers the church to care for orphans. In the village of Tembe, Ebenezer House of Hope serves orphans by providing housing, food, and an education through the donations of other churches and the volunteers of Ebenezer House of Hope. Our 2016 gifts helped to provide monthly expenses needed to run the orphanage. Our 2017 goal of $10,000 will provide further orphanage support as well as micro loan money to help the people of Tembe become self-sustaining.


   Mission India equips the people of India to share the Gospel and disciple others in their own country. Results are still coming in, but current reports are that our 2016 gifts planted more than 11 churches, 5 literacy classes and 10 Children’s Bible Clubs in Southern India and then expanded to Northern India. More than 200 new believers came to Christ through these ministries! This year’s goal of $20,000 will fund 4 more pastors, 10 new Bible Clubs and 5 additional literacy classes.
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